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8 interview questions you never knew you needed

An interview should never just be about answering questions. It’s about asking the right questions. With that in mind, here are 8 useful questions you should ask to ensure you’re maximising your chances of success:

1. What were the key accomplishments that the previous person had in this role?

This question helps give you markers on the past and current definitions of success or key performance requirements. It also allows the interviewer to explain how the role has evolved into what it is now.

Further questions to understand more about the role could be:

  • Are there additional key requirements to the role now?
  • What were the key reasons for the previous person’s success?


2. If you had to pick a team member who represented the company values (outside of senior management) who would you pick? Describe them.

The company culture, team structure, department dynamics and the type of people you’re working with are all covered in this question. You want to find out more about how staff interact, how they see each other and the values of the business. By asking these types of questions, you are allowing the interviewer to describe the company in a more human light. It gives an insight into the culture of the business and how that culture gels with your values and personality.

It is worth noting that studies have shown that there are many positive outcomes for employees who fit well within the company culture. In a detailed study by Kristof-Brown, individuals who had a good fit reported greater job satisfaction, higher job productivity and were more likely to stay for a longer time. This is why questions of this nature can be so helpful in making an informed decision.

Further or similar questions could be:

  • Which team members are key influencers of company culture, outside of senior management?
  • What kind of personality traits would be the most successful in this team?


3. What do you believe are the biggest challenges for the person who succeeds in this role?

This demonstrates you have a long-term vision for this role and are keen to understand the details. It’s also valuable to find out more about how the interviewer sees the role as they have a deeper understanding of the position.

Further questions could be:

  • What are the internal challenges in order to succeed in this role?


4. What do you enjoy about working in this role and what are your challenges in working in this company?

Too often, we feel uncomfortable asking these types of probing questions. However, it is important for you to get to know your interviewer as a person, especially if you’ll be working with, or reporting to them. The nature of this question can allow for unexpected candour, going deeper into the interviewer’s personal satisfaction as an employee. This question is a good way to gauge the interviewer’s honest opinions which can further draw insight into their personality and the company culture.

Further questions could be:

  • In an ideal world, what would you change about the company culture?
  • What are some of the best moments you have had in your role in this company so far?


5. Does the company have a current process for professional training or continued learning?

This gives you an insight into the company’s current investment in staff and eventually, your career progression. The Digital Media and Ad Tech industries are fast-moving, and it is useful to be aware of opportunities to learn professionally throughout your career. This question also demonstrates your commitment to growth within the company. Furthering this discussion can aid you in identifying which skills are needed to progress within the company and the broader industry.

Similar questions could be:

  • What are the internal skills challenges to the growth of this company?
  • What would be the next steps for progression in this role?


6. How does the rest of the company and other departments interact with this role?

You’ll likely cover team structure in your general interview questions, so this question will help you understand where your department or role sits within the company. It’s key to understand whether your department is one of influence or is being influenced, and by whom.

Similar questions are:

  • Which departments will this role mostly work with?
  • Which departments will my team collaborate with?


7. Based on this interview, do you have any hesitations about how I would fit in this role?

This question will allow you the opportunity to reassure the interviewer of any misconceptions or concerns right there in the interview.

A similar question could be:

  • If I were to be accepted for this role, what advice would you give me to succeed?
  • Are there any questions you would like to ask me about my suitability for this role?


8. What’s the next step in the process?

Do not forget this question! This is vital to show you’re interested in the position and are keen to proceed. Ask about timings for further contact and whether there is anyone else being interviewed.

As well as the above questions, we also try to communicate as much of the following to our candidates to help them make an informed decision:

  • Interviewer’s personality: communication style, sense of humour and temperament.
  • Company culture: dynamics within the team, how other departments interact and why you would fit in.
  • Types of soft skills and emotional intelligence required for the role based on our knowledge of psychometric profiling.
  • Your key skills that are of most interest to the company or interviewer.
  • We identify career-specific links/media regarding the company direction/ future plans.
  • Cultural sensitivity: cultural diversity and awareness.
  • Staff diversity: Ethnic, age and gender diversity
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: values-based decisions are important to motivate and nurture a sense of belonging beyond the role itself


At Mint Talent, we specialise in recruiting for the Digital Media and Ad Tech industry, and our knowledge of the space and Organisational Psychology means we’re attuned to additional information that can help both client and candidate ensure they’re the right fit.

We’re passionate about what we do, and the people we connect with, and we’re here to help you throughout your career. So if you’re a Digital Media & Ad Tech executive thinking of ramping up your global career, you may be interested in these roles.

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