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Mint Talent is a Sydney-based recruitment consultancy that was created out of a desire to pair psychology and recruitment, resulting in business partnerships that would last throughout an ever-changing and fast-expanding industry. We have a genuine desire to help people and businesses make smart and informed professional choices.
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I'm Hanna, Mint Talent's Director

My story began back in London, I had just finished a Masters in Organisational Psychology, but unable to find a job following the 2009 Financial Crisis, such timing! So I went travelling! ….and spent an amazing 6 months travelling Australia, NZ and South East Asia, Cambodia being my absolutely favourite! So many new cultures explored, life-long friends met, many drinks drunk and weird and wonderful food eaten (refusing the fried insects though, step too far, even for my level of curiosity!)

Back in London and the job search begins, working with an internship agency I found a boutique Recruitment firm who took a punt on me and I joined a very small team, specialising in placements within the digital media and advertising technology space. I wasn’t sure at first, I didn’t even know what a recruiter even really did, but 3 years later I was on a plane to Australia and the rest is history!
Fast forward to Jan 2016 and Mint Talent was born, the name coming to me during an afternoon work session in a café with a Mint tea in front of me and the perhaps slightly loose connotation it has with a new start, fresh new job opportunity, as well as finding brilliant and fantastic (Mint!) candidates for my clients! It makes great branding too 😊

I have always been a different type of recruiter from most, I had not been trained in a large recruitment business or had any of the generic sales training to hit and exceed targets no matter the cost. I had always worked on niche roles as a headhunter, so conducted extensive network and industry searches and made sure I contacted the right people to ensure I found a selection of top talent for each role I worked on. I am not a Salesperson. I listen, I care and I genuinely enjoy understanding my candidate’s career journeys and motivations, and finding them their next great role (as well as staying in touch with them to see how their career grows and is shaped from our initial coffee meeting!)

Meet our Mint Talent Marketing Recruitment Specialists

Our Psychology Embedded Approach

Using a psychology-embedded approach, Mint Talent specialises in recruitment for the Digital Media, Marketing, Technology, Design and Development industries across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. We also provide Executive Search, Talent Development and Psychometric Profiling services.
To guide and develop empowered and motivated employees throughout their career
Build high performing teams for fast growing technology and marketing companies
To be recognised for our consistent integrity and quality service to our clients and candidates.