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New Normal
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The New Normal

There is No Magic in Recruitment, only Clever and Hard Work. Let New Normal be your Best Partner. I bet none of us would have ever predicted the chaos and uncertainty which has plagued the world over the past few months.  It has certainly been

updating a resume, updating a CV
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Updating your CV…(or is it Resume!)

What are you Waiting for? It’s High-Time for Updating a Resume or CV. For many of us during this chaotic time, uncertainty and a lack of job security is the new norm. As a business owner, I am certainly feeling it every day with pivotal jobs

LinkedIn profile
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View my LinkedIn Profile – 5 Areas to focus on

Since Covid-19 lockdown, every single one of us has had our working day or career trajectory affected, in one way or another. You may be in the fortunate situation of retaining your current role and enjoying the work from home life, or you are one

Marketing in times of crisis
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Marketing in Times of Crisis: 5 Things to Remember

Amidst the ongoing crisis in the face of a pandemic, consumers and businesses alike experience difficulty, confusion and panic. Resources are limited, countries are placed on lockdown, people lose their jobs, businesses are being shut down and suffer losses, and there exists economic uncertainty.  No

Conference Networking
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Conference Networking Tips

In my previous blog post, I highlighted some recommended conferences in the Human Resources Industry to attend in the upcoming year. Now that you have chosen a conference, booked a flight, paid for accommodation, and have your bags packed, I would like to share some

Human Resources
Talent Development

World’s Top Human Resources Conferences 2020

Professional development is important for human resources professionals for networking, skill-building, and in many countries maintaining accreditation and certification. We thought that we would travel the world (or the internet!) and find some of the best conferences for you to plan your work- travel schedule

training budget
Talent Development

Why Every Business Should Have a Training Budget

Barak Obama, in a speech, while he was a Chicago Senator, commented that “a budget is more than just a series of number os a page; it is an embodiment of our values.” While thinking about a training budget is a much smaller activity than