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Thinking of Moving for Your Career?

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There’s nothing like travelling when you’re on holiday.

Immersing yourself in a different world of language and culture is fascinating and empowering.

Exploring new places, learning new things are all exciting and more enjoyable when you know you can return to the safety of home comforts. It can be more challenging when you are offered the opportunity to move countries for your career. And increasingly, this is an opportunity for career-minded professionals in the Digital Media and Ad Tech space.

At Mint Talent, we share the same personal experiences as many of our candidates.

When I was first given the opportunity to move overseas for work, I was both excited and nervous. I was enjoying the challenge and fast pace of being a senior recruitment consultant in London, and when I was selected to set up the Australian arm in Sydney, I was thrilled. However, uprooting from the UK to Australia was not just a huge distance to move, but it was also a huge psychological move to overcome.

The balancing of pros and cons is necessary for all big, life-changing decisions, and I did not take mine lightly.

Moving to Sydney city was a huge leap of faith but I’m glad I did it.

I wanted to dive into the opportunity, but I was realistic. I knew I would be leaving friends, family, familiar spaces and a comfort zone I took for granted. But the opportunity to expand my career and being able to immerse myself in a new city and a new culture was too good to pass up.

This wasn’t about playing tourist. I would be living in one of the most vibrant cities in the world and adding a new chapter to my international career.

My move has brought me new friends, new connections, new local haunts, new comforts and new favourite cafes for weekend brunch. And ultimately, it has brought me a new home-town in Sydney, which I love.

And I speak frequently with family over Skype or the phone, and we have caught up when I travel back to London or when they holiday in Australia. The world is much smaller than we realise.

Singapore; a modern cosmopolitan city with great career opportunities.

With so many roles being placed across the Asia-Pacific region, there are huge opportunities in the digital advertising and marketing space for growing your international career. Personal experience allows Mint Talent to support candidates and clients with empathy and understanding.

Whether you’re a mobile strategist from Hong Kong or an ad-tech sales director from Sydney, we understand the details behind a transition as we’ve been through the same challenges. It’s with this experience that we bring care and curation to the placement of each of our global candidates.

There are boundless job opportunities for the smart professional to thrive in this global environment, so don’t let the fear of change hold you back.

New roles, new cities and new adventures await.

Contact Mint Talent now to discuss your next career move. We’d be happy to help.

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