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Updating your CV…(or is it Resume!)

For many of us during this chaotic time, uncertainty and a lack of job security is the new norm. As a business owner, I am certainly feeling it every day with pivotal jobs being put on hold, hiring freezes put in place across most businesses, (local and Global), as well as an increase in daily calls from candidates having been affected from COVID-19 business decisions. Unfortunately, there isn’t much any of us can do about these extreme measures, but in the meantime, we can to be looking at ways that we can have some control over our future and our careers.

Over the coming weeks and months, I will be helping my candidates and clients in any way I can, so please reach out with any questions or comments you have. For now, I want to focus on advice for CV writing to help anyone who might be using their increased time in isolation to update their CV, or for those who have been made redundant and need their CV ready to go now.

A CV is a reflection, brief account or snapshot of your education, work experiences past and present, skills and accomplishments. A CV can be formatted as you like (this is where your creative flair can come in!) but these are the important sections which need to be included

"As the stats show, recruiters and hiring managers only spend 6 seconds on a CV before deciding on whether to move forward"

Personal Profile/Personal Summary – name it what you like but having a section which highlights your experience, skillset (technical and soft skills) is a great introduction to your CV. I see so many people miss this important section out. I once read an article which suggested to break it down into 3 parts, the first a sentence about your past skills/experience, a second point about your present role and where you are currently at and the third sentence relating to your future aspirations. As the stats show, recruiters and hiring managers only spend 6 seconds on a CV before deciding on whether to move forward so this section has to be concise and grab our attention.

If you would like any examples please email me directly and I will send on a document I have created with examples.😊

Work Experience – the key details needed is the company name, location, job title(s) and date range of job tenure. Next, you should not only be highlighting your key responsibilities and day to day tasks, but also any key achievements you have had throughout your role – or another way to think about is areas of work you have been proud of. Try and be concise in this section and not to waffle on too much…the elaboration can be done throughout the interview stages.

Skills – I have seen many different versions of this section. Some include only technical/hard skills, whereas others bring in softer skills and personality traits. Some decide on a more creative and visual layout, whereas others like to create lists in bullet points. Whatever you do, the key here is to include any skills which are important and significant to your career and job roles and/or is important to the roles you are looking to move into… (quick tip: go through job descriptions of the roles you are interested in and make sure you have included as many key skills they have outlined that you can honestly say are relevant to you).

Education and Qualifications. What is says on the tin….This is a formality, including any previous University and College certifications but also more relevant MBA’s or training certificates.

Hobbies, interests and aspirations. Personally, I really like this section as it gives me a deeper insight into the applicant – it shows me that they are a real person no matter what job they do. Whether you are in a band, volunteer for the Samaritans or are in the middle of a challenge to climb the highest peaks in Australia, this can add a little flavour and insight into someone’s true motivations and personality. 

I have seen one or two people also include a section on their ‘Future Aspirations’ where they perhaps describe the career they want to have in the next 3, 5 & 8 years or job skills they are looking to develop.

Video Summary. We have seen the rise of video applications in the Recruitment and Talent space over the last few years so could it be the future where every CV includes a short video of the applicant summarising their experience? As a Recruiter, I can attest to Video applications being particularly useful for roles in Sales or Client Service; gaining a deeper insight as to how clearly a candidate communicates, what their demeanour is like, how they present themselves etc. If you are specifically interested in creating a Video CV then do reach out to me directly and I can help get you started on this.

If you need any help with your CV, cover letter or a job application then please do not hesitate to reach out and I am happy to go through any questions – please email me on [email protected] You can also stay up to date with new roles, signing up to job alerts for when the world starts moving again:

Stay safe and well 

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