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Unlocking New Opportunities: Mint Talent’s Enhanced Referral Programme

Unlocking New Opportunities: Mint Talent's Enhanced Referral Programme

Mint Talent is delighted to announce exciting updates to our Referral Programme, offering new earning opportunities for our valued network members. Now, in addition to our existing referral bonuses for job seekers, we’re thrilled to introduce a fresh incentive for referring businesses and clients. Two ways to Refer: 1. Effective immediately, when you refer a … Read more

5 Common Myths about Recruitment Agencies

5 Common Myths about Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies play a crucial role in connecting job seekers with employers, but there are many myths and misconceptions about how they operate. In this blog, we’ll explore five common myths about recruitment agencies and separate fact from fiction. Recruitment agencies are expensive One of the most common myths about recruitment agencies is that they … Read more

Here’s How To Choose the Best Recruitment Agency For Your Business

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The 8 Most Important Steps When Choosing The Right Recruitment Agency To Partner With When it comes to finding the right candidate for your company, partnering with a recruitment agency can be a game-changer. Recruitment agencies specialize in matching companies with top-tier talent, saving time and resources in the hiring process. But with so many … Read more

The New Normal

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There is No Magic in Recruitment, only Clever and Hard Work. Let New Normal be your Best Partner. I bet none of us would have ever predicted the chaos and uncertainty which has plagued the world over the past few months.  It has certainly been challenging times, more so for others, For myself personally and … Read more

Marketing in Times of Crisis: 5 Things to Remember

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During times of crisis, such as the ongoing pandemic, both consumers and businesses face difficulty, confusion, and panic. With limited resources, countries on lockdown, people losing their jobs, and businesses shutting down and suffering losses, there exists economic uncertainty. Companies face the dilemma of being sensitive to people’s situations and keeping their revenue afloat. Cutting … Read more