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Does Hiring for Culture Fit Stifle Diversity?

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Organisational culture has become a buzzword in today’s recruitment landscape. With the ever-growing competition for top talent, companies are striving to differentiate themselves to attract and retain top talent. But how does an organisation define its culture and ensure that new hires are a good fit? The Importance of Organisational Culture According to a study … Read more

Is Grit the New Black of Your 21st Century Career?

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In 2013, the Angela Duckworth’s TED talk “Grit: The power of passion and perseverance” proposed that grit was the one characteristic as a significant predictor of success. Since then, Duckworth has suggested that grit is not the only determinant, but it does has a significant impact on success. There’s no denying that grit is a quality which aids and … Read more

Q&A on Leadership and Talent Development in the Advertising industry, with leading Organisational Psychologist, Debbie Sandy

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The fast-paced and evolving nature of the Advertising and Media industry often means that many young leaders are stepping up into leadership roles quite quickly, with little training or coaching in team management. At Mint Talent, we work with a fantastic Talent and Leadership Development specialist and qualified Organisational Psychologist, Debbie Sandy, with 17 years … Read more