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5 Job Searching Steps in this Current Job-Short Market

2020 has been a year like no other. From a hiring perspective, the job market world-wide has flipped. In most industries, it has gone from being a ‘job rich and candidate short’ market , to a market that is ‘job short and candidate rich’. 

There are a lack of roles and a lot of people applying for those available positions. This is because employees have either been made redundant or are feeling insecure in their current positions.

So, if you are beginning your job search journey, below are five steps to help you prepare for and navigate this new environment:



1. Get job search clarity

Firstly, be clear on what job you want and why you want it.

Deciding on specific goals can make the job search much easier and less overwhelming.  Employers want candidates who are not just a great fit for their company, but also applicants who can articulate why they are interested in that specific role. To prepare for this, sit down and reflect on the next step that would be right for you. Don’t be afraid to get a career coach, or even a friend or family member to help you think about this objectively. (use a career coach if this helps you be more objective)

You can consider:


2. Be Proactive

Pro-activity with your job search is important. Some ways that you can stay proactive are:

These things will help you gather intel and do your due diligence for when those interviews start rolling in and you can be fully prepared for them.

Finally, be prepared for job openings to be put on hold or even disappear, (although this doesn’t mean they won’t open up again in a few months). It is important to stay positive and motivated. No employer wants a candidate who appears burnt out or miserable.


3. Connect with Specialist Recruiters

Networking online is key in our ‘working from home’ world. Reaching out and building rapport with specialist recruiters and headhunters in your industry is also important. This will ensure there are other eyes keeping an eye out for you to increase your chances of finding the right roles.

Also, make sure your friends and family know what types of jobs you are looking for in case they come across anything relevant.

4. Update CV and LinkedIn Profile

This may seem obvious but there are so many ways you can be updating and refreshing your CV and work profiles that will help you stand out from other applicants. You can find some tips here for your LinkedIn and for your CV writing. If you are in a creative field, make sure that you have an up-to-date digital portfolio that can be easily shared.

It is estimated that up to 80% of jobs in Australia are not posted, making them part of the hidden job market.  Companies often keep an eye on top talent even if there are no jobs posted.


5. Learn new skills

Take this time to learn new skills.  With fewer roles available in the market and unemployment rates high (Deloitte Access Economics predicts the unemployment will remain high until 2024), it is a great opportunity to learn new skills.  When deciding on what skills to learn, keep in mind the accelerating digitisation of our world, where many jobs are being automated. It is so easy to take advantage of a variety of online options.

If you are analytical and technically minded, you can get some experience with hands-on tools and technology platforms. Or, if you are a creative problem solver, or loves devising strategies, and perhaps an MBA is for you.


Once you secure an interview, prepare, prepare and prepare some more!  Practice and preparation for interviews is vital now more than ever. Make sure you have done your research and you are ready to shine.

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