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Nailing video interviews
Whether you love it or hate it, video interviewing has quickly become the new normal for recruiters and employers looking for their next star employee. For those of us who might be camera shy, there is no hiding from the camera these days if you want to land a job in almost any industry.

Video interviews can help you because they are easier to schedule and therefore shorten the hiring time. They also allow recruiters and even employers to meet more candidates and give you an opportunity to share your personality in ways that are impossible on a resume alone.

And of course, in the current situation, they minimize the need to put people at risk.

As recruiters, here are some things that we wish people did more of (and less of!) when preparing for these video interviews.

Don’t Forget Everything You Know about Face-to-Face interviews

Just because an interview takes place online, don’t forget the basics of preparing. Make sure you have researched the company and role. You should also review your resume and ensure you can explain how your skills are relevant to the job.

Similarly, body language is just as important (or maybe even more important!) than in person interviews. Make sure that you smile, nod, make eye contact and have good posture.

As Bernardo Tirado writes in Psychology Today, “The key to a successful interview is being able to build rapport with the interviewer. Rapport is important because it provides an insight into your personality and how both of you would get along if you were to work with each other.”

So even though you are behind a screen, body language and gestures are still super important.
Test (And Re-Test) Your TechnologyEveryone’s worst nightmare during a video interview is the internet cutting out or the sound not working.While these situations are never completely avoidable, being prepared minimizes the chance of them happening.A quick checklist to review is:
  • Make sure that your background is professional and you are comfortable with the interviewer seeing everything in view.
  • Check that your microphone works and that the sound is clear. Consider using headphones to help minimize any background noise.
  • Close any tabs on your device that could be distracting.
  • Ensure your display name is your full name.
  • Verify that your internet connection is working. If possible have your phone available to tether just in case your internet cuts out.
  • Use a computer as opposed to a tablet or phone. The view is better and the video will be more stable on a device that sits flat on the table.

  • Insider Tip: At Mint Talent, video interviews are an important part of the interview process so be prepared when setting up a time to speak to us.

    Practice Speaking in Front of the Camera

    The old saying “practice makes perfect” could not be more appropriate in this situation.

    The only way to become more comfortable with video interviewing is to practice answering questions and record your answers. This is especially important if you have never done a video interview before.

    While you are practising, think about not only answering the questions, but also where your attention is focused. If possible, look into your webcam as opposed to looking at the interviewer on the screen. This will allow you to appear to be making eye contact and should feel more natural for the interviewer.

    After your practice run, review your recording and analyse what you did well and what could have been improved.

    Don’t forget that after the interview, the interviewer will be able to playback your audio, share it with others, and compare it to other candidates in ways that were not possible with in-person interviews!
    Be Prepared!

    Preparing, psychologically and physically is something that cannot be underestimated, even though you do not have the commute to the interview and the awkward wait in reception.

    When it comes to preparation for video interviews, Tirado adds, “Psychologically, you are best set up for success when you get ready as if you were going to the interview in person.”

    Make sure you get dressed up professionally. For video interviews, it is best to dress in solid, softer colours and avoid prints, which can be distracting for the interviewer.

    Make sure you have your resume and portfolio available if the interviewer requests to see a copy of it.

    Finally, have a glass of water ready next to you. Taking a drink can be a perfect “buffer” if you need a few seconds to think about an answer to a tough question.

    Stay positive and smile! And you might just be a few steps away from spending a lot more time on video conferencing software during meetings for your new role.

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