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The New Normal

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There is No Magic in Recruitment, only Clever and Hard Work. Let New Normal be your Best Partner. I bet none of us would have ever predicted the chaos and uncertainty which has plagued the world over the past few months.  It has certainly been challenging times, more so for others, For myself personally and … Read more

Updating a Resume | Updating a CV


What are you Waiting for? It’s High-Time for Updating a Resume or CV. Are you currently job hunting? Or perhaps you are thinking of updating your resume or CV during this uncertain time? As a business owner, I understand how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected job security and created chaos in the job market. Hiring freezes … Read more

A Great Way to Increase Your Brand Identity: Create an Exclusive Recruiter Agreement

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In the recruitment world, it has become increasingly common for startups and businesses looking to hire to take a competitive approach. They are engaging multiple recruitment agencies, sharing a basic brief about what they are looking for, and then leaving the recruiters to rush against each other (and the clock) to try to find a … Read more