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Executive Search

Executive search will ensure you maintain a powerful strategic asset and a vital role within any business

We hold quality relationships with Senior Leaders and Executives across Global Digital, Media and Advertising industries. As a result we can use our Executive Search service to introduce talented individuals to your business. At this level you cannot afford to make the wrong Executive Search selection.
Businesses that are proficient at leveraging Executive Search at a senior level benefit from 2.1 times the profit margin and 3.5 times the revenue growth then their less capable competitors.
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Mint Talent provides Industry-Leading Executive Search Services

We offer a highly extensive Executive Search Headhunting and Selection phase whereby we consider the potential employee’s skill set requirements, industry experience, personality fit and how that compares to the company culture and position offered.

When you use our Executive Search service we will deliver detailed feedback and understanding of the shortlist of individuals as well as the use of multiple Psychometric tools, including Personality and Leadership Questionnaires, to ensure we extract the most valuable information possible to evaluate the individual and support the hiring decision.