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View my LinkedIn Profile – 5 Areas to focus on

Since Covid-19 lockdown, every single one of us has had our working day or career trajectory affected, in one way or another. You may be in the fortunate situation of retaining your current role and enjoying the work from home life, or you are one of the many who have been made redundant, on furlough, working reduced hours or feeling insecure about the future of your role or business. Whichever phase you are in, updating your LinkedIn profile is a great way to showcase your professional brand and connect with your professional network.

Linkedin is the largest business-oriented networking website for professionals. Many people can sometimes underestimate the importance of a well written and engaging LinkedIn profile, either for your job search, or uncovering opportunities and networks that you may not be aware of. LinkedIn helps you to create your online professional brand and identity which can be found and followed by millions of other professionals and businesses across the world.

I have listed a couple of ways to help freshen up your profile. As always, please contact me directly for any questions or help on your LinkedIn and I will do my best to advise.

Profile Section

Headline – this is a great way to summarise and showcase your skills and profession. You have a limited number of character spaces here so it needs to be concise. Include your job title, current company if required and the key industry(s) you work in. Take a look at my profile headline below; when someone comes across my profile, they know exactly what I do and whether that is of interest to them. Also, make sure your location is up to date on this – especially if you have moved countries or cities recently (it doesn’t update automatically).


Profile Photo – Please pick a more formal photo than you would add on your Facebook or Instagram – I know it’s tempting to add a photo of you on a beach, sipping cocktails or that golden shot of you living life, but this is not the place for them! A head and shoulder photo of you with a warm smile will be perfect, perhaps even in a branded work shirt or the office background. No sunglasses, no hats, and no jumping shots!

Personal Summary

This is an important section to include, but many people do tend to leave this part out – it can be challenging to write, not only keeping it concise but also to sell yourself a little. Of course, don’t go overboard on this section but do highlight your key skills and achievements. This is a similar section to how your personal summary should look on your CV so you can just copy and paste if easier (refer to my post on CV updating). A couple of key points here:

  1. Write this in the first-person (‘I am highly dependable…’, ‘I succeed in…’) – this shows your authenticity and gives you ownership over your own story.
  2. Write short and concise paragraphs to highlight your work experience, your skills, achievements and the impact you have made.
  3. Ask people around you to proofread your summary – sometimes it is hard for us to be objective in our summary (especially if you are the modest type or aren’t used to talking about yourself) and so asking your friend, colleague, family member to review and offer some extra details.

Work Experience

This is pretty obvious but make sure your role titles and companies are all up to date – you may want to add a new role title when you receive a promotion at work! I would also include a couple of key points under each role to outline what you have been doing in that role or key projects you have worked on. This doesn’t need to be as detailed as your C.


One of the key objectives of a professional profile is to show people or potential clients that you can be trusted. The best way to do that is by asking recommendations from your colleagues or clients you’ve worked with. This part of the profile reveals so much, not only on the quality of your work and performance but also your work attitude, working style and relationships. As a headhunter, when I research profiles, I would also review recommendations (if there are any) and be more likely to approach profiles for a confidential or pivotal role of those who are highly regarded.

Skills & Endorsements

This section also gets a little undervalued but for me but again when I am researching potential candidates within the market I would definitely use this section to understand more about the person’s experience. An easy task is to ensure the skills you have included are up to date and you have been endorsed a number of times for the relevant skills (ask some colleagues to endorse you!)


The final point is about remaining active and engaged on LinkedIn. That could involve interacting with other people’s comments and posts and adding value to a conversation, or you could start publishing your own articles within the areas you work in or cover topics of interest. This will allow you to become a thought leader within your niche and will again help to connect you to the relevant people in your network.

Get a specialist Recruiter to review your profile. Great Recruiters in the market should be open to give advice and guidance. Make sure to reach out to a Recruiter who is a specialist in the area you work in (or want to work in) for best results. If you are a candidate working in Marketing or Advertising, or Technology companies such as Adtech, Martech, Fintech, Edtech, don’t hesitate to reach out, I would be more than happy to help.

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  1. Thank you for this post that inspired me a lot in this really difficult situation that stopped the whole world. I agree with you that now is the right time to update your profile on Linkedin because it really provides a lot of opportunities. I will use your advice, thank you very much for sharing this.


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