Psychometric Profiling


Psychometric Profiling can be extremely valid and reliable when used as a supportive tool throughout the Search and Selection process.  We need to understand that people are unique: behaviour is made up of different personality traits, values, attitudes, temperament and motivations, some are stable over time but other factors can change depending on the context, particularly in a work-based situation.  We need to understand these differences to ensure an individual best fits into a role and a company.  This has been scientifically supported throughout years of Organisational Psychology research.

Psychometric testing is a key development tool in an individual's career planning and an investment in the effective staffing structure of any company. - Debbie Sandy, Chartered Psychologist

Why use Psychometric Personality Profiles within the hiring process?


Supporting the interview process with additional factors that may not be clear. The addition of Personality profiles build a fuller picture of an individual's personality, values, learning styles and work preferences


Psychometric tests hold a great amount of reliability and validity as well as predicting future job performance which can be advantageous when choosing the best fit individual for the role.


Selecting the wrong individual in the hiring process can be detrimental for both business and the individual. Psychometric tests can minimise costs whilst maximising potential fit between individual and the business.

Mint Talent has Accreditations with a number of Global Psychometric tools which we implement through the Search and Selection process. This is overviewed in-house by an Organisational Psychologist.

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